Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Welcome Visitors :)

I've noticed that I am getting a lot of traffic via the story that was posted on Live Action. I also noticed today that Lifesitenews.com has picked up our story as well which is amazing! I am honored and humbled to have so many people reading about our family. It's not easy to share about something so personal but knowing that others may be encouraged through it, makes it all worth it.

Our blog is somewhat a "smorgasbord" of life centered around one concept: Living and raising my kids in the most meaningful way possible. I definitely won't be perfect at this task but I will try! I wanted to put some links here to my blog posts that I think describe what we have been doing the past year. There have been some amazing things happen. To sum it up, we have raised almost $3,000 for Water Missions International through a "Radical Project" of fundraising and giving up things that we don't really need in order for people to have something they absolutely do need: clean drinking water.

Part 2 of this project is a trip I am taking to Haiti over Thanksgiving. I will be working with a local organization there called the Haitian American Friendship Foundation and working with school children and teachers there. I also hope to visit one of the Living Water Treatment Systems put in place there by Water Missions International. This has been a family project and all the way down to my smallest (he is 4 years old now)- have been deeply touched and impacted. His sweet little prayer at dinner is "God, pwease help people who have to dwink dirty water" followed by thanking Him for the nearest 10 objects around him :-) My 8 year old has a very generous heart and donated all of his Christmas money to the water project. These kids are such a blessing to me and it's such an honor to try and lead them through this life in meaningful ways.

It means a lot that you have visited our blog and I hope you enjoy reading some of the highlights of our year!


Click on some of the links below to read about our past year:

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