Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting ready, getting set and going!

Well, summer is off to a great start. Lots of traveling with family and friends and days filled with my babies.... one perk of being a teacher :) Got my wireless router hooked up yesterday and feel a little more "connected" to the outside world again.....and this blog/project!

I have officially confirmed my visit to Haiti for the week of Thanksgiving. I am still in the early planning stages but have decided instead of "hooking onto" a group already going, that I will form my own small group of 6-12 people. If you are interested in coming with us, please email me at lins114@yahoo.com or comment here and I will contact you with more information. According to my early budgeting, the trip should not exceed $1,500 and that includes airfare, transportation, food, shelter and traveler's insurance (Possibly even less). I am still working out the details though. With that said, if you are interested in helping me financially get to Haiti, I would be immensely appreciative! It will take some effort to raise the funds, as did this water project, but if I have learned anything from this, it's that when we are open to obeying God's will, He will provide through His means and His people.
I am so excited! I cannot think of a better way to express my gratitude to the Lord at Thanksgiving, then to serve Him and His people somewhere completely out of my context.

Until then, I will enjoy these summer days with my children and rest up for the new group of kids that I will have this coming school year. Back to work in a little over a month! Bittersweet...
Please continue to pray for the people who will receive the benefit of the Living Water message and the clean water systems through Water Missions International, and especially the people still waiting for relief.

Have a wonderful week!


*Here is what WMI is doing in Haiti in particular: http://www.watermissions.org/haiti

*This is the organization I will be visiting Haiti under: Haitian American Friendship Foundation

*Firstgiving donation page: Firstgiving.com

*Email address if you would like to donate financially towards my trip to Haiti. I will reply back with my home address. THANK YOU! lins114@yahoo.com

Looking at these little faces drink clean water NEVER gets old and serves as a reminder that as long as there is a need, there shouldn't be an excuse not to help! Thank you for sowing into the project through prayer and support.

Saw this on a friends page and wanted to share it...

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  1. Love your heart! It reflects the heart of God and it makes me cry!!!:^) in a good way.