Thursday, May 19, 2011

Maybe I'm not so great at multi-tasking after all!

Whew! Well, I am ashamed that it has been since February since I have posted. I took an after-school tutoring job in addition to my full time teaching job and mommy job and my oldest son also started baseball! Those are good excuses right?? :) Oh and my computer at home which I blog on, is kaput. Can I create a fundraising page for a new computer?? ;-)
We are wrapping up ball season (unless the little man makes All-Stars) and winding down the school year. My youngest turns 4 next week and with his approaching birthday is an increasing strong-willed, defiant temperment! <deeeep breath!>
I told Dylan the other day, when he was trying to talk to me and get ready for school at the same time, that he isn't a good multi-tasker like a woman, so he needed to focus on getting ready for school first, then talk to me. :) His response was "Like women?? Oh yea? Like scream and have a baby at the same time?!" Little sassy boy. ;-) Well that backfired the next day when I was washing dishes, doing laundry and cooking dinner. He came up to me and asked me to do something for him and I said "Dylan! I am ONE person! I can only do ONE thing at a time! Hold on!". To which he replied, "But I thought you said yesterday that women could multi-task!" Mmmmmhum. Had to eat my words thanks to an 8 year old. All that to say, apparently in the mix of baseball, work, motherhood and a broken computer at home, this blog was bumped down the list :-( ....However the project is not!!! I am excited about having the next 3 1/2 months to complete our families goal of $3,000 for Water Missions International! I know we will meet our goal! The boys are still adding coins to their "Water Missions Jar" next to their bed (I think they have almost $40 there!) and Brayden's little scruffy voice prays for the "people who need clean water and that they don't have to drink 'dirdy' water ever again!" :)

I am also very excited to have been invited on a trip to Haiti with  HAFF (Haitian American Friendship Foundation) in October. It will be my first missions trip and I will have the opportunity to work with this wonderful group for a week. They have asked me to use some of my teaching skills to help train some of the staff at the beginning of their school year. It reminds me that there are seasons in life and as important as it is to "Go unto the nations", I would not be able to use the skills I have to offer, if it weren't for the time invested here in my own education. It's encouraging to know that our time isn't a waste. I get very motivated when I think about living radically and I want to just sell it all and get out of here sometimes. I don't want to dismiss that passion but I am also reminded that there are productive things going on now that will help me, help others later.
Also, while I'm in Haiti, I will get to see one of the Living Water Treatment Systems! Water Missions International has given me contact information for people working with these treatment systems and I am so excited to see this first hand. I am also thrilled that I may have the chance to visit a hosptial in Haiti that my grandfather established there many years ago. I know this will be a special trip for many reasons. I will post more about that in the coming weeks and months :)

So with all that said, I am sitting here at work, on my only break for the day, needing to grade papers, put them into the computer system, work on PMP's, schedule Brayden's birthday for this weekend and make lesson plans for my sub tomorrow. I have a lot to do here! Thanks for tracking this blog and even more so for being part of the project! Help us reach our goal and head on over to our donation site to make a donation of any amount. Remember, $10.00 will provide someone with clean water for LIFE! Just this morning while washing my hair, I thought about all of the gallons of clean water used to just keep my hair clean. What people would give to have that water for their survival..... it's humbling and I never want to forget that what I take for granted is what someone else would give anything to have and as long as there is a need, there shouldn't be an excuse not to help!

Have a great, radical, productive and multi-tasking filled ;-) day!