Monday, November 29, 2010

[AC] Advent Conspiracy 2009 Promo Video

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Here we go!

Okay! Here it goes. I went "public" with the blog and fundraising page 2 days ago. We are now $355 into reaching the goal.....excuse me, exceeding the goal; which I believe we will! 

I also received an email from the Media Director at the Church at Brookhill's where David Platt is the pastor. They saw our radical experiment and are "encourage by it!" ...and I am encouraged by their encouragement!

Did you know that just a $10.00 donation will provide clean water for life for one person???? That means, as of now, help is on it's way to 35 people for life! How exciting!

I am speaking to myself as well as whoever may come across this... but let's think about the things we spend our money on. I will confess right now that last weekend I went to Shoe Station and bought some really pretty boots. I will also confess that this week I went into Starbucks and bought a nice, warm, sweet and comforting White Chocolate Mocha. (it was delicious by the way) .....I don't do either of those things often but it made me think this week. What if every time I was about to make an unnecessary purchase, I, instead, put that same amount of money into this project? It would certainly add up. 

I am blessed beyond measure. It's time to share the blessings with a grateful, cheerful and sacrificial heart.Someone has to help alleviate the suffering in this world. It's time we stop putting that task off on "missionaries" and it's time we start being the missionaries.

Join me! :)