Sunday, January 30, 2011

Water Missions International saves lives! (and so can you!)

Our goal was $3,000 in one year. I have a $100 donation pending which brings us to almost $2,300 in 3 months! We need only $700 more to reach our goal and we have 7 months of the project left! I just may get really bold and expand the goal. :-)You can check out the donation site at and see every single donation. Remember, it takes only $10 to provide someone with clean water FOR LIFE. Think about what we spend $10 on.... some music, a snack at the movies, a new shirt ("but it's only $10!"), a new toy for our kids (that they don't need), a couple cups of coffee at Starbucks...the list goes on.

This has been such an exciting journey. The next vision I have is to meet the people receiving this water. I look at these faces and I want to jump through my computer screen and hug them! God is placing a longing in my heart to "Go!" and I can't wait for that opportunity. The "American Dream" just isn't good enough anymore. I can no longer desire to have more for myself at the price of less for someone else. I want to sow into the eternal and store up treasures in heaven because the treasures on earth will one day mean nothing.
Matthew 6:19-21
“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
19:21 "...Jesus said to him, 'If you want to be perfect, go and sell what you own and give the money to the destitute, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come back and follow me.'"

Enjoy the video above and think about what you are able to give...what you are able to sacrifice and experience the joy in making a difference in these lives...

Be blessed so you may bless....


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Life is Precious

This project has really been amazing. When I look at some of the faces of these people we are trying to help, I just want to find a way to get to them. It doesn't even seem enough to just send money to them. But as important as it is to help the living and breathing lives walking on this earth, it is an even greater call to help and defend the lives that are hidden from our sight. The lives that are tucked away in the most secret and sacred place on this earth: the pre-born lives and the women carrying them. 

Today is "Sanctity of Life" Sunday. I am reflecting today on the fear that entered my life almost 9 years ago. In 2002, only 2 weeks after high school graduation, I found out that I was pregnant. This completely rocked my world. I was devastated. I had 2 vastly different options bombarding me. Fear would either drive me towards one (abortion) or courage would drive me towards the other (parenting/adoption). If it were not for the people in my life who saw value in me still and believed that I had the strength to walk through that time, then I know what the outcome would have been. I am so thankful I don't have to live with that today and my heart floods with compassion for those who do. 

In 2 weeks, my son will turn 8 years old. He has brought me so much joy and purpose but I also tasted what it would be like to be without him. I walked through the process of adoption until the very last minute. I know how heart breaking it is to imagine being separated from your child but I also know how absolutely beautiful and sacrificial that choice is. I  looked through stacks of family profiles full of people desperately wanting a child. There is someone out there who can love and provide for a child, even if it isn't the one carrying him and that is part of the hope we can offer.

I don't see how we can separate living our lives in service to others, without talking about these lives. The tiniest. The most vulnerable. The foundation for our lives is that we are created with a purpose in the image and likeness of our God! How can we not more boldly relay that message to the women who are scared and facing this decision. If the children of God can't give some meaning and purpose to a woman in this situation, then who in the world can?? I am telling you from experience, that the voices of justification for abortion are far louder than the voices of hope, unless someone is willing to intentionally pour into that person before, during, and after she has this child.

So as I keep walking this life with my children, I want them to value all hurting people. Not just the visible ones with their bruises and malnourished bodies, but the "invisible" ones too. The ones that are tucked away. I hope and pray we can all value these lives more... How in the world can we raise our hands in worship to God who came in human form for the least of these and then walk right past those same people?

So what can we do? Just be ready for the opportunity. Be ready to love. Open our hearts and ears and maybe even our homes... Volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center near you. Donate items. Time. Yourself. And wrap it all in God's perfect love which drives out fear. (1 John 4:18)

"Does our worship have hands? Does it have feet? Does it stand up in the face of injustice?.....or does it fade with our voices?" 

115, 000 lives world-wide are taken from the womb each day. 5,000 lives are ending each day because of a lack in clean water and proper sanitation. I want to live just as passionately about each one of those...

I want to end with saying "Thank you" to my entire family and friends who loved me during my brokenness, to my Savior who redeemed me through it and to the Women's Resource Center in Mobile who held my hand every step of the way and helped me see the value in my son's life.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Christmas!

Christmas this year was a whirlwind! If it tells you anything about my "break", I had to change my oil at the start of the break and after about 3 weeks I am due for an oil change again! It was full of travel and family and it was wonderful! 

My kids were able to ask for one gift each. My oldest asked for a bike and my youngest asked for "a dumptruck with eyeballs". I thought I was gonna have to get crafty with a Tonka truck but a friend sent me a picture message of "Chuck the Dumptruck" and saved the day! The boys were thrilled with their gifts. We also gathered a lot of Christmas cash and donations that have gone towards this project. My 7 year old held onto his money at one point (which we already agreed to give our money to the water project this year) and he said, while clinging to the cash, "Umm.....can I just keep $20 and give $30 to the project??" It was a great opportunity to relate to his desire to keep "just a little" of the money but I kind of let that question sit on him for a few hours. While rubbing his back to sleep that night, he said, "You know Mommy, I want to put all the money in the water project. I have enough" :-)

So here we are, unpacking the gifts, cleaning the house, folding the gift bags to resuse later, and blogging to avoid all of the above. ;-) ...At the end of this wonderful season, I am so thankful to have a Savior. I am so thankful for my family and my friends. I look forward to a new year, new inspiration, new vision and new adventures with my boys....

After putting in the Christmas money and donation gifts, we are now at two thousand dollars for the project! We are 2/3's the way to our goal in only 8 weeks. 200 people will have the chance to drink clean water and hear the living water message. Physically and spiritually life-giving and saving. Thank you to all that have donated. Those who I know and those who I don't. Your generosity will have such an impact...

Here are some pictures of our Christmas season...full of homemade treats, family, laughter and some tears . I pray that as you read this you will be blessed and strengthened. Not so you may keep, but so you may give! I pray that your hearts are woven closer to the heart of God and that you enjoy the journey God has placed you on. Savor the moment and look around with God-eyes...there is a hurting world out there- in our homes, in our neighborhoods, in our churches, our streets, our schools, our cities, our country and the world. 

 Baking treats for gift bags

 This was Dylan's idea: "Mommy, we can give people water bottles with their gifts this year so they can remember the water project!"

 Our water bottles and picture magnets that we made online
 Of course, we had to make the gingerbread house!
Christmas with my dad and family
Christmas at my mom's
 "Ahh!! It has eyeballs!!!!!"
 Dylan's new bike

 Our visit to Tallahassee to see the boys great-grandparents and other Watt family members! Great visit.
 We got a new cousin/nephew for Christmas! Such a yummy gift!

 My niece Annie and 2 nephews, Will and Hank.

Happy 2011 to you and your family...